More Sad Love Quotes And Sayings To Touch The Heart


More Sad Love Quotes And Sayings To Touch The Heart

Here is another collation of sad love quotes and sayings from various authors, celebrities, famous persons, and other sources compiled by for you to read and enjoy.

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
– Kahlil Gibran

Hearts are not had as a gift, But hearts are earned…”
– William Bulter Yeats

“The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you.”
– Anonymous

“There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.”
– Tennessee Williams

“It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all.”
– Samuel Butler

“How could an Angel break my heart? Why didn’t he catch my falling star? I wish I didn’t wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart.”
– Toni Braxton

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”
– Charlie Brown

“You wondered how you’d make it through. I wondered what was wrong with you. Because how could you give your love to someone else, yet share your dreams with me? Sometimes the only thing you’re looking for, is the one thing you can’t see.”
– Vanessa Williams

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”
– Herman Hesse

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of withering, of tarnishing.”
– Anais Nin

“Because you can never go from going out to being friends, just like that. It’s a lie. It’s just something that people say they’ll do to take the permanence out of a breakup. And someone always takes it to mean more than it does, and then is hurt even more when, inevitably, said ‘friendly’ relationship is still a major step down from the previous relationship, and it’s like breaking up all over again. But messier.”
– Sarah Dessen

“Love, he told himself, was open to interpretation like any other abstract indulgence but followed the same principles everywhere, irrespective of everything else. One, either won or lost in love, there was no bridge in between, and he decided he had lost, lost to himself, if not to her.”
– Faraaz Kazi

“Who would have listened to his tales of woe when his love was the flickering lamp over his own decaying tomb?”
– Faraaz Kazi

“The growth of my love story had been gradual but my success had always existed and both coupled together formed a deadly combination that was detrimental to our love. I wanted people to love me. She wanted them to leave her alone.”
– Faraaz Kazi

“Love?’ he asked himself, giving no sense of recognition for that word in the dictionary of his mind. It was the only battle he had lost in life, the only thing that had been snatched away from him, before he could even claim it.”
– Faraaz Kazi

“Part of me aches at the thought of her being so close yet so untouchable.”
– Nicholas Sparks

“It was like watching a movie being played on the blank screen of his mind; the only difference was that he did not get bored, no matter how many times he watched it.”
– Faraaz Kazi

“It would have been so easy to believe every word he said and drive off with him into the moonlight like a scene from a fairy tale. But I wasn’t meant for happily ever after in my past life, and it was starting to seem like this one wouldn’t be any different.”
– Michelle Madow

“Tears are words the heart can’t say.”
– Unknown

“A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than to hurt yourself trying to put it back together.”
– Unknown

“The hardest thing in life is to watch the one you love, love someone else.”
– Unknown

“Back in school, they didn’t teach us what we needed to know, like how to deal with despair or a broken heart.”
– Unknown

“I gave you my heart and you broke it. Now you love me but I don’t love you.”
– Unknown

“Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.”
– Unknown

“It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what hurts more is to love someone, and never find the courage to let them know how you feel.”
– Unknown

“A million words wouldn’t bring you back, I know because I tried. Neither would a million tears, I know because I’ve cried.”
– Unknown

“I can’t talk to you anymore, it’s not that I am mad at you, it’s just that when I talk to you I realize how much I love you and when I realize how much I love you, I realize I can’t have you and that makes me love you even more.”
– Unknown

“If you’re going to make me cry, at least be there to wipe away the tears.”
– Unknown

“Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.”
– Unknown

“The pain of having a broken heart is not so much as to kill you, yet not so little as to let you live.”
– Unknown

“I wonder, when you look into my eyes and watch my heart shatter, does it break your heart too, even crack it a little bit?”
– Unknown

“Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours.”
– Unknown

“You’ve never felt pain until you’ve felt love.”
– Unknown

“The worst way to love someone is to sit next to them, knowing they don’t love you back.”
– Unknown

“When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze into heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal.”
– Unknown

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