The Boy Who Cannot Count Apples (Story)


The Boy Who Cannot Count Apples (Story)

I just read this story today. Very simple, yet with a profound meaning behind it.

I’m telling a shortened version of it, in my own words.

A teacher asks a little boy a question – “if I gave you an apple, another apple, and another apple, how many would you have?”

“Four!” the boy screamed enthusiastically.

The teacher was disappointed. She repeated the question.

The boy gave the same answer, although, this time, he was a little more hesitant, having seen the teacher’s disapproving look.

The teacher thought that perhaps the boy had problems processing the word or the item “apple”, so she tried the same question again, this time changing “apples” to “strawberries”.

“Three!” yelled the boy.

The teacher was delighted. But she wanted to make sure everything was spot on, so she tried the apple question again.

“Four!” was the reply once again.

“Why?!?” screamed the teacher in exasperation.

“Because I already have an apple in my bag.”

Often, we think we have all the information, that our point of view is right, and that we have the “right” answer. But there is *always* information which is hidden from our view.

As far as is possible, learn to keep an open mind.

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  1. Interesting, whats the moral of the story?

  2. Sunil Mandhan

    The moral is:
    Your point of view may be incorrect if you are not open minded and don’t count others point of view.

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