The Miracle Man Walks Again


The Miracle Man Walks Again

I recently received this story and photos in the email, about a “miracle man” in China. It was truly inspiring seeing the look on his face – that determination and tenacity, that enthusiasm, as well as that smile.

Many of us worry a lot about our little petty problems in life. But all it often takes to get us focused again is a little reminder of how fortunate we are, or what we still have. This, I feel, is one such powerful reminder.

Presenting, the story of “the miracle man”.

Note: If you own the rights to these photos and want them taken down or want to be credited for them, please let me know.


Miracle man walks again…

Monday, July 9, 2007. He survived against all the odds; now Peng Shulin has
astounded doctors by learning to walk again. When his body was cut in two
by a lorry in 1995, it was little short of a medical miracle that he lived.

It took a team of more than 20 doctors to save his life.

Skin was grafted from his head to seal his torso but the legless Mr Peng
was left only 78cm (2ft 6in) tall.

Bedridden for years, doctors in China had little hope that he would ever be
able to live anything like a normal life again.

But recently, he began exercising his arms, building up the strength to
carry out everyday chores such as washing his face and brushing his teeth.

Doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing found out
about Mr Peng’s plight late last year and devised a plan to get him up
walking again.

They came up with an ingenious way to allow him to walk on his own,
creating a sophisticated egg cup-like casing to hold his body with two
bionic legs attached to it.

He has been taking his first steps around the centre with the aid of his
specially adapted legs and a resized walking frame. Mr Peng, who has to
learn how to walk again, is said to be delighted with the device.

What self-confidence… and optimism

“If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find
fault with, you will not do much.”

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  1. its realyy un believable tht he is alive wthout his sex organs im impressed personaliy

  2. Samir

    It’s really miracle. I feel miracle all arround.

  3. manoj bhataria

    It’s miracle only

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