Common New Year Resolutions


Common New Year Resolutions

Are you wondering what are some common New Year resolutions? Here are some popular ones!


“Apply for my dream job”

“Appreciate the simple things”

“Avoid Drama”

“Backup my computer files regularly”

“Bake cookies from scratch”

“Be a leader”

“Be a rock star”

“Be Curious”

“Be fearless”

“Be happy

“Be Honest”

“Be me”

“Be on time

“Be patients

“Be positive”

“Be present in each moment”

“Be serious”

“Be spontaneous”


“Bring a refuse bag to the grocery store”

“Broaden my horizons”

“Build a tree house”

“Call Mom and dad more often”

“Calm down”


“Compose a song”

“Cook beef Bourguignon”

“Create! Create! Create!”


“Do what I love

“Donate my time”

“Draw every day”

“Drink hot cocoa”

“Drink more tea”

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