Romantic Spanish Phrases, Quotes And Sayings


Romantic Spanish Phrases, Quotes And Sayings

“A very handsome (and hot) guy” – “Papacito rico”

“A very pretty (and hot) girl” – “Mamacita rica”

“and your kisses drive me crazy” – “y tus besos me enloquecen.”

“Are you single?” – “¿Estás soltera(o)?”

“Babe (girl)” – “Nena”

“Babe (guy)” – “Nene”

“Come back soon” – “Vuelve pronto”

“Do you have a girlfriend (boyfriend)?” – “¿Tienes novia(o)?”

“Each day I love you more” – “Cada día te quiero más”

“Each hour that passes” – “Cada hora que paso”

“Each hour that passes seems like a second” – “Cada hora que paso contigo me parece un segundo”

“Girlfriend” – “Jaina”

“Give me a kiss” – “Dar mi un beso ”

“Give me a kiss/hug” – “Dame un beso/abrazo”

“Honey / Dear” – “Cariño”

“How pretty / lovely you are!” – “¡Qué linda(o)!”

“Hug and kiss me” – “Abrázame y bésame ”

“Hugs” – “Abrazos”

“I adore you” – “Te adoro”

“I ask for your blessing” – “Le pido su bendición”

“I can only think of you” – “Sólo puedo pensar en ti”

“I can’t live without you” – “No puedo vivir sin ti ”

“I can’t wait to see you” – “No puedo esperar a verte”

“I like you (a lot)” – “Me gustas (mucho)”

“I love (want) you” – “Te quiero ”

“I love spending time with you” – “Me encanta pasar el tiempo contigo”

“I love to know that you’re with me” – “Me encanta saber que estás conmigo”

I love you (a lot / very much)” – “Te quiero (mucho)”

“I love you (a lot / very much)- More serious” – “Te amo (mucho)”

“I love you (lots/so much)” – “Te quiero (mucho/tanto)”

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