Romantic Italian Phrases, Quotes And Sayings


Romantic Italian Phrases, Quotes And Sayings

Here is a collection of romantic Italian phrases, quotes and sayings from various sources compiled by for you to read and enjoy.

“A cold lover is a faithless friend.” – “Un amante freddo è un amico infedele.”

“A forced kiss is not worth a thing.” – “Baso de forza non vale na scorza.”

“A lover’s anger is short-lived.” – “Sdegno d’ arnante poco dura.”

“A loving man, a jealous man.” – “Homo amaute, uomo zelante.”

“A new love helps you forget the old one.” – “Gli amori nouvi fanno dimenticare i vecchi.”

“A strong fire can easily be extinguished.” – “Lu focu forti facili s’astuta.”

“Absence is a foe to love; out of sight out of mind.” – “Assenza nemica di amore; quanto lontan dall’ occbio, tanto dal cuore.”

“Absence is the enemy of love.” – “L’assenza è il nemico dell’amore.”

“Against love and death there is no point in being strong.” – “Contro l’amore e la morte non vale essere forti.”

“Anger increases love.” – “Sdegno cresce amore.”

“As is the lover so is the beloved.” – “Qual e 1′amante, tal e l amata.”

“At night all cats are grey.” – “Ogni cuffia e buona per la notte.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – “La bellezza è negli occhi di chi guarda.”

“Better to have pain in the wallet than pain in the heart.” – “Mejo dolor de borsa che dolor de core.”

“Blessed those of you old fools in love.” – “Beati quelli di voi vecchi sciocchi in amore.”

“Choose neither a lover nor linen by candlelight.” – “Scegli né un amante né biancheria a lume di candela.”

“Counsel is nothing against love.” – “Contro amore non e consiglio.”

“Cruelty: an all-consuming love.” – “Crudelte, cunsomma amour.”

“Do not talk, kiss me.” – “Non parlare, baciami.”

“Every love has its costs.” – “Ogni amore ha i suoi costi.”

“Faint heart never won fair Lady.” – “Non dee seguir amor chi non ha valore.”

“Far from one’s eyes, far from one’s heart.” – “Lantano dagli occhi, lontano dal cuore.”

“Forbidden fruit is sweetest.” – “I frutti proibiti sono i piu dolci.”

“From loving, it’s the first who lives, and ultimately who dies.” – “Da amare, è la prima che vive, e in ultima analisi, che muore.”

God makes them and then mates them.” – “Dio li fa e pil li accoppia.”

“Great thoughts and great deeds come from the heart.” – “Grandi pensieri e i grandi fatti vengono dal cuore.”

“He loves well who never forgets.” – “Ama e che non dimentica mai.”

“He who is loved by a woman is fortunate and rich.” – “Chi da donna e amato – e ricco e fortunato.”

“He who is not impatient is not in love.” – “Chi non è impaziente non è innamorato.”

“Here are three things to love: women, fire and the sea.” – “Tre songo le cose amare: la femmena, lu fuoco e lu mare.”

“If one doesn’t bury one’s jealousy, one’s love will go away.” – “Se non ci fosse la gelosia, l’amore andrebbe via.”

“If you want to buy love, love itself is the price you’ll have to pay.” – “Se si vuole comprare l’amore, l’amore stesso è il prezzo che dovrà pagare.”

“If your life at night is good, you think you have everything.” – “Se la tua vita di notte e’buona, tu pensi che hai tutto.”

“In a thousand pounds of law there is not one ounce of love.” – “In un migliaio di chili di legge non c’è un grammo di amore.”

“In the meadows grows a flower, in the heart: love.” – “Sul prato sboccia un fiore, dal cuore sgorga amore.”

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