More Baby Shower Invitation Verses And Quotations


More Baby Shower Invitation Verses And Quotations

Here is another collection of baby shower invitation verses and quotes you could include in your baby shower invite cards.

“[Name] has a new baby on the way We’d love your help on this special day A baby shower will be held for her soon With gifts, games and cakes for the afternoon”

“_____’s baby is on the way. Let’s get her prepared for the big day. We’ll shower her with gifts for the little one. Be sure not to miss out on all the fun!”

“A baby boy is on the way Let’s shower Mary Lou before arrival day!”

“A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose. Soft and sweet with a smile so bright, a dream come true, love at first sight.”

“A Baby Shower is forecasted for”

“A baby shower is planned because ____ has had a bellyfull for 9 months!”

“A beautiful little girl to play with and adore . . . To spoil a little and love a lot, Who could ask for more!”

“A boy is on his way, so let’s celebrate before the big day!”

“A brand new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate with a special day!”

“A cute button nose, a sweet little smile A new baby’s coming in just a short while”

“A Little Ladybug will soon be here for you to meet! Join us for a Baby Shower for mommy-to-be _____! ”

“A new little baby is on the way, so please reserve this special day!”

“Amy and Mark have a baby on the way, Let’s get them prepared for the big day!”

“Amy has a new little one on the way, So let’s celebrate with a special day!”

“And then a magic baby smile makes every moment so worthwhile. Your heart will burst with joy and soar You’ll be a parent for ever more”

“Baby Angel, welcome to this Earth Our whole wide world awaits your birth!”

“Baby number “2? is on the way, Sarah and Mark can hardly wait… Bring bottles and binkies for baby Smith, It’s time to celebrate!”

“Baby Smith is almost due, We don’t know if it’s pink or blue… Jim and Sarah can hardly wait, So join us as we celebrate!”

“Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can’t say. But let’s shower the mommy before the delivery day!”

“Because ______ is having more than one!”

“Bibs, bottles, diapers galore, Jim and Sarah are thrilled about adding one more!”

“Bob and Brenda are having a baby, This we know to be true. We don’t know however, If we need to buy pink or blue!”

“Booties and bibs and bottles and more… Let’s shower the baby with gifts galore!”

“Booties, Bottles, Diapers and More Let’s shower Starkeesha with gifts galore!”

“Bottles and bows our love overflows! ”

“Bottles, booties, diapers and pins, This is where the fun begins!”

“Cars & trucks or ribbons & bows. What are they having? Nobody knows!”

“Catch up with us at an All Star Baby Shower in honor of”

“Chris and Mike’s baby is on the way Let’s help them prepare for the big day!”

“Come join the celebration we have much anticipation Of the wonder and the joy, of the Abbott’s baby boy!”

“Come join us for a Dynomite Baby Shower in honor of”

“Come shower Corinne Before her bun is done!”

“Congratulations, lovely mum. It’s great to see your growing tum! Your baby will be such a treat, And make your little family complete”

“Cradle rocking, not much sleep You’ll want to lie down in a heap Feeding baby, wide awake. How much more can one mum take!”

“Crystal’s tummy is expanding, the time is coming near. We need to shower her with gifts, before the baby gets here!”

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