Memorial Verses, Quotes And Sayings


Memorial Verses, Quotes And Sayings

Here is a collation of memorial verses to express the feelings associated with the loving memory of someone special.

“A wonderful mother, woman and aide,

One who was better God never made;

A wonderful worker, so loyal and true,

One in a million, that mother was you.

Just in your judgment, always right;

Honest and liberal, ever upright;

Loved by your friends and all whom you knew

Our wonderful mother, that mother was you.”
– Unknown

“Always so good, unselfish and kind

Few on this earth her equal we find.

Honorable and upright in all her ways,

Loyal and true to the end of her days.

You are not forgotten, dear mother.”
– Unknown

“And while she lies in peaceful sleep

Her memory we shall always keep.”
– Unknown

“God saw the road was getting rough

And the hills were hard to climb,

So he closed your weary eyelids

And whispered, “Peace be thine.”"
– Unknown

“Her smiling way and pleasant face

Are a pleasure to recall,

She had a kindly word for each

And she died beloved by all.

Some day we hope to meet her

Some day we know not when,

To clasp her hand in the better land

Never to part again.”
– Unknown

“In my heart your memory lingers

Always tender, fond and true;

There’s not a day, dear mother,

I do not think of you.”
– Unknown

“In our home she is fondly remembered.

Sweet memories cling to her name.

Those who loved her in life sincerely

Still love her in death just the same.”
– Unknown

“Loving and kind in all her ways,

Upright and just to the end of her days;

Sincere and true, in her heart and mind,

Beautiful memories, she left behind.”
– Unknown

“No one know how much we miss you,

No one knows the bitter pain

We have suffered since we lost you.

Life has never been the same.

In our hearts your memory lingers,

Sweetly tender, fond and true.

There is not a day, dear mother,

That we do not think of you.”
– Unknown

“No one knows our heartaches,

Only those who have lost can tell

Of the grief that we bear in silence

For the one we loved so well.”
– Unknown

“None knew her but to love her,

None named her but in praise.”
– Unknown

“Oft and oft our thoughts do wander

To the grave not far away,

Where we laid our dear mother

Just (nine) years ago today.”
– Unknown

“One year has passed since that sad day,

When one we loved was called away.

God took her home; it was His will,

But in our hearts she liveth still.”
– Unknown

“Past her suffering, past her pain;

Cease to weep for tears are vain;

She who suffered is at rest;

Gone to Heaven with the blest.”
– Unknown

“Peaceful be thy rest, dear mother,

‘Tis sweet to breathe thy name;

In life we love you dearly,

In death we do just the same.

When days are dark and friends are few,

Dear Mother, how we long for you.”
– Unknown

“Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,

The world’s weary trouble and trials are past.

In silence she suffered, in patience she bore,

Till God called her home to suffer no more.”
– Unknown

“Remembrance is a golden chain

Death tries to break but all in vain;

To have, to love and then to part

Is the greatest sorrow of one’s heart.

Time may wipe out many things,

But this they wipe out never -

The memory of those happy days

When we were all together.”
– Unknown

“She was taken without any warning,

Her going left hearts filled with pain;

But though she is gone from amongst us,

In our hearts she will always remain.”
– Unknown

“Sunshine passes, shadows fall,

Love’s remembrance outlasts all;

And though the years be many or few,

They are filled with remembrance of you.”
– Unknown

“The dearest mother, the kindest friend,

One of the best whom God could lend,

Loving, thoughtful, gentle and true,

Always willing a kind act to do.”
– Unknown

“The depths of sorrow we cannot tell,

Of the loss of one we loved so well;

And while she sleeps a peaceful sleep,

Her memory we shall always keep.”
– Unknown

“The world may change from year to year

And friends from day to day,

But never will the one I loved

From memory pass away.”
– Unknown

“The years may wipe out many things

But this they’ll wipe out never,

The memory of those happy days

When we were all together.

We think of her in silence,

Her name we oft recall,

But there’s nothing left to answer

But her picture on the wall.

Just when her life was brightest,

Just when her hopes were best,

God called her from among us

To a home of eternal rest.”
– Unknown

“There is a mother who misses you sadly,

And finds the time long since you went;

And I think of you daily and hourly,

But try to be brave and content.

But the tears that I shed in silence,

And breathe a sigh of regret,

For you were mine, and I remember,

Though all the world forget.”
– Unknown

“Three little words, Forget me not.

Don’t seem much, but mean a lot.

Just a memory fond and true,

To show, dear mother, we think of you.”
– Unknown

“Time speeds on, two years have passed

Since death its gloom, its shadows cast

Within our home, where all seemed bright,

And took from us a shining light,

We miss that light, and ever will,

Her vacant place there’s none to fill.

Down here we mourn, but not in vain,

For up in Heaven we will meet again.”
– Unknown

“We have only a memory, dear mother.

We cherish our whole life through;

But the sweetness will live forever

As we treasure the memory of you.”
– Unknown

“What would we give her hand to clasp,

Her patient face to see,

To hear her voice, to see her smile,

As in the days that used to be.

But some sweet day we’ll meet again

Beyond the toil and strife,

And clasp each other’s hand once more,

In Heaven, that happy life.”
– Unknown

“When days are dark and friends are few,

Dear mother, how we think of you.

Friends are friends if they are true

We lost our best friend when we lost you.”
– Unknown

“Yes, sadly we miss her, and try not to grieve;

A little while longer we too must leave,

To meet her on that beautiful shore

Where parting’s unknown and life’s evermore.”
– Unknown

“You’re not forgotten, Mother dear,

Nor ever shall you be

As long as life and memory last,

We will remember thee.

No one knows the silent heartaches,

Only those who have lost can tell

Of the grief that’s borne in silence

For the one we loved so well.”
– Unknown

“As we loved you, so we miss you;

In our memory you are near.

Loved, remembered, longed for always,

Bringing many a silent tear.”
– Unknown

“Borne away from sin and sorrow

To a better home above.”
– Unknown

“Death cannot sever the ties that bind

Our souls through mortal years-

They last forever.”
– Unknown

“Every hour we dearly miss him,

Sadly do we feel his loss,

Lonely in our home without him

Help us, Lord, to bear the cross.”
– Unknown

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