Making a Homemade Hovercraft – Useful Tips and Ideas


Making a Homemade Hovercraft – Useful Tips and Ideas

Do you wish to learn how to make a homemade hovercraft? Here is a brief discussion on making your own hover crafts.

Making your own hover craft at home is the ultimate holiday project which is exciting and a little challenging at the same time. Your home made hovercraft can be a thrilling ride, and if you get a bunch of friends to build one too, you could organize great hovercraft races and competitions.

The most expensive part of building your homemade hover craft is the blower or, for the more industrious minded individual, you would need an engine and propeller parts. Once you have your hands on these parts, the rest of the homemade hovercraft can be made from odd materials lying in your garage and plenty of rolls of duct tape.

A home made hover craft has a flat piece of hardwood or strong plastic which forms the base and is easily made with a few power tools. Cut the hardwood or strong plastic to the right size, keeping in mind that the hovercraft should be round in the front. If cutting the board round is a bit difficult, all you need to do is cut the corners off with a saw to make a flat point for the front of the hovercraft.

Once you have the right size base, you are ready to add the engine and propellers or the leaf blower. The engine capacity will determine how fast you can go on your hover craft, so make sure you use a strong engine that has a lot of power to blow air. Attaching an engine combined with propellers is slightly more difficult than using a normal strong leaf blower, but with a bit of persistence and some patience, it isn’t impossible.

There are many different ways to attach the engine to your homemade hovercraft which give you different advantages. These advantages are usually explained in the plans which you can download from the internet free of charge. These plans are usually the best to use until you are more familiar with how the homemade hovercraft is constructed, and once you are an expert at using these plans, you can draw up your own.

So, by now, you should have the base as well as the engine attached. This is the half way mark, and the rest of the hovercraft is up to your imagination. You would need a seat to sit in that is firmly attached to the base of the homemade hovercraft. This seat can be a chair with the legs cut off, an old car seat, or you can make your own chair out of leftover pieces of wood. It is probably best to line the chair with soft cushion-like material, so that the ride is smooth and much less painful than using a hard seat.

Now comes the fun bit. Grab all those half empty spray paint cans in the garage and spray the homemade hovercraft until it looks like a Christmas tree. Make sure that you put your name of the hovercraft so that everyone can see you built it too.

Jump on and experience a ride jam packed with thrills and adventure, and when you are finished, you can improve the design until it is just perfect.

Have fun, and be careful!

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