Homemade Spy Gear – Steps and Instructions


Homemade Spy Gear – Steps and Instructions

Are you thinking of putting together some homemade spy gear?

Whether you want to give your kids something to do or you’re looking to make some spy gear for yourself, you probably know how these gadgets can really come in handy.

The thing is that while the technology does really exist, if you were to buy the gear that you’re looking for, it could wind up costing you more than you thought. Instead, why not consider making some of it on your own?

Interested in learning to tap phones like a pro? This little bit of homemade spy gear can leave you feeling more secure and maybe gaining knowledge that you never even knew you wanted.

What you need:

  • A recorder control
  • A recorder with microphone and REM jacks, or plugs
  • A one to three jack adaptor if you’re working with more than one phone
  • A phone cord
  • An inline coupler, 8 conductor

Of course, for this piece of homemade spy gear, you will need a phone line, and when you have all the supplies, you’re ready to get started.

  • If you’re working with more than one phone, you should get a modular T-adaptor and some extra phone line to link all the phones. When you’re linking all the phone lines, you should use an 8 conductor inline coupler so they can connect to the main jack.
  • Once you have the phone lines connected so they are long enough to meet the main jack, you should plug them into the adaptor.
  • Next, you’re going to plug the adaptor into the port on your recorder control.
  • Then you should plug the line from the recorder control into the phone jack and turn it on to record.
  • You’re almost done, so now all you have to do is plug in the REM and microphone cords and you should be ready to test your phone tap.

Okay, so now you know how to make your own phone tap and it will likely work well and have saved you money, but what do you do if you want some other homemade spy gear as well? Why not make some video and audio sunglasses?

For this project, you need to have a video and audio webcam and a pair of sunglasses. This project requires a little bit of wire cutting, and soldering, but if you’re familiar with wires for anything, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • The single cable of the webcam is made up of wires for audio, video, power and ground. You want to separate all of them and then cut them so you can add extension wires to all three and solder them together again.
  • You will be able to attach the wires to the original output cables and attach them to a small camcorder which you’ve hidden in a backpack or even your jacket.
  • Make sure to glue all the wires in place so they are well hidden.

With these simple steps, you’ll have your homemade spy gear cam that really works. Spy gear is fun to make and can work quite well as long as you follow the instructions well. So, whether you’re just looking to have some new “toys” to amaze all your friends, or you think you will really have a use for this spy gear, you can make your own homemade spy gear and save a bunch of money in the process.

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