Free Birthday Sayings And Quotes You Could Use


Free Birthday Sayings And Quotes You Could Use

Are you seeking some free birthday sayings and quotations you could use as part of your birthday greetings or well wishes in a card? Here is a nice collection you could explore.

“A Birthday gives us reason
to celebrate each year
that passes through our lives,
through the laughter and the tears;
So here’s a wish I have for you
that’s heartfelt and sincere,
I hope that you have many more
to celebrate my dear.”
– Anne Banks

“A special Birthday just for you
How wonderful, such fun!
May your wishes and your dreams come true,
and you enjoy them as they come.”
– Anne Banks

“As you get older
the things that you know are
passed down to others
just learning to grow.
Enjoy growing older and wiser
and sharing all you know,
and have a wonderful Birthday
watching your seedlings grow.”
– Anne Banks

“Birthday’s are the gateway
to the future.
May this one open
into the pleasant places;
Out into the sun…
and may you have cause
to celebrate
all the rest that are
to come.”
– Anne Banks

“Every dawn is a miracle,
birds singing by the door
and what’s that noise?…..
excitement as the
postman knocks the door.

It is your birthday
time to go
and open all your post,
from those who care and love you
with a cup of tea and toast.”
– Anne Banks

“It’s your Birthday today
and I sent you this card
So shout out hooray
it’s really not hard…….
Hasn’t time just flown by
since you last celebrated?
I just can’t believe it
but the calendar says it…”
– Anne Banks

“It’s your Birthday
Hip hip Hooray!
is what I say!”
– Anne Banks

“It’s your Birthday
Oh! how sweet…
Time to go
and get a treat……
Shop till dusk
and then enjoy
an evening with
the girls and boys!”
– Anne Banks

“There is nothing like a Birthday
for cards and gifts and cake:
As this card’s sent to you today
I hope it helps to make
your day more special
and more fun, and that
you’ll know you’re great,
so get out there and have
some fun, and laughs and
– Anne Banks

“We live in little minutes
time does not come on mass,
So live each minute
that you have
as if it were your last,
then you will find
your time is used
to brighten up the day
of those around you,
in your life….every
single day!”
– Anne Banks

“When a Birthday comes along
you turn a clean white page….
another chapter to begin
whatever be your age.
Look forward to the future
and all that it beholds;
enjoy your life and all it brings….
the silver and the gold.”
– Anne Banks

“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You may be getting older,
But I still love you.”
– Barbara Small

“A Birthday wish is coming your way
and I know you’ll have a perfect day,
with people that you hold most dear.
A celebration of another year.
So raise a glass and make a toast,
Surrounded by those who love you most”
– Denise Rhodes

“One year older, and wiser too
A birthday to recall
Here’s hoping you have a lovely day
The very best birthday of all”
– Diane Greenwood

“A birthday wish
sent just for you.
For a day filled with
memories as special as you are.”
– Diane Hannah

“A brand new year
for you to start
Here’s happy birthday wish
from the heart.”
– Diane Hannah

“A Happy Birthday wish for you,
made with lots of love from me.
Because it’s for a little girl,
who is sweet as sweet can be!”
– Diane Hannah

“For each candle on your cake,
Comes a special wish for you
Love happiness every day
With all that you do.”
– Diane Hannah

“Get some cake,
it’s birthday time.
Today’s your day,
make it shine!”
– Diane Hannah

“I wish you lots of happiness
In everything you do
Add one more candle to you your cake
There’s a wish for you to make!”
– Diane Hannah

“January is a special month
with everything starting new.
A birthday with miles of smiles,
that is wished just for you!”
– Diane Hannah

“Make a wish, wish away.
Make a wish it’s your special day!
It’s birthday time, have no fear,
They only come once a year!
Have some cake, your day is here!”
– Diane Hannah

“May all of your birthday wishes come true.
No one deserves it more than you.
We would all like to say
Have a very happy birthday”
– Diane Hannah

“May you have the best birthday
With a wish for a happy successful year.”
– Diane Hannah

“Sending you peace, joy, and love.
This is your day, make it special.”
– Diane Hannah

“This is such a special day,
with happy birthday wishes
coming your way.
Eat some cake add a little fun.
Have a touch of cheer,
to start a brand new year!”
– Diane Hannah

“Your birthday comes but once a year
My loving wish is written here
A hope for happiness in all you do
Is the wish I have for you
So add that candle to your cake
There’s a wish for you to make”
– Diane Hannah

“A Lady like you
Deserves to know
That this Lady
Loves you
Together we will
Celebrate your
Birthday, a really special one
especially for you.
Have a wonderful day”
– Diane Vermeer

“Birthday Wishes are coming your way
So we hope you have a great day
Lot’s of wishes for a Very Happy Birthday”
– Diane Vermeer

“Birthday’s used to be fun,
Then the body started to run,
The Boobs run, down to your knees,
Your teeth run out of your mouth, and
Dentures run in.
Hair starts to grow where it shouldn’t,
But what the heck!
Birthdays can still be fun,
And I hope you have a very Happy one
All the best wishes for a run down Birthday”
– Diane Vermeer

“Happy Days and joy for you on this
Special Birthday
Have some fun and let your hair down
Happy Birthday”
– Diane Vermeer

“I am lucky to have someone like you
Who loves me unconditionally
We have battles to conquer every day
No different to others I suppose, except
My other half we are both Women and
People have problems with that, but not us.
Have a Wonderful Birthday “My Other Half” and enjoy what I have planned”
– Diane Vermeer

“I have a smile on my face
Wishing I was at your place
All I can do is send this card
Hope you have a Birthday to remember
Just don’t party too hard without me
Have a fun day”
– Diane Vermeer

“I hear another Birthday is here for you,
How much fun will you have?
Plenty I hope, age is but a number,
You look and act a lot younger than your number,
So Have a wonderful Birthday and many more to come,
Happy Birthday Wishes for you from me”
– Diane Vermeer

“The sausage rolls are cooking
Ready for a cheeky Nephews special day
8 Today and what will you do Cheeky
Wait with anticipation,, the present of Sausage rolls from Aunty Sausage Roll
Cheeky smile and freckles, how I love this boy
Nephew have a great Birthday and enjoy it as you deserve”
– Diane Vermeer

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