Boredom Quotes And Sayings


Boredom Quotes And Sayings

Boredom is nothing but the experience of a paralysis of our productive powers.”
– Erich Fromm

“I am convinced that boredom is one of the greatest tortures. If I were to imagine Hell, it would be the place where you were continually bored.”
– Erich Fromm

“Boredom flourishes too, when you feel safe. It’s a symptom of security.”
– Eugene Ionesco

“Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.” 
– Evelyn Waugh

“Boredom is not an end-product, is comparatively rather an early stage in life and art. You’ve got to go by or past or through boredom, as through a filter, before the clear product emerges.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

“A subject for a great poet would be God‘s boredom after the seventh day of creation.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“Against boredom even the gods struggle in vain.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“To escape boredom, man works either beyond what his usual needs require, or else he invents play, that is, work that is designed to quiet no need other than that for working in general.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“What’s wrong with being a boring kind of guy?.” 
– George Bush

“I think what we call the dullness of things is a disease in ourselves. Else how could any one find an intense interest in life? And many do.”
– George Eliot

“The Beatles saved the world from boredom.”
– George Harrison

People of Wealth and the so called upper class suffer the most from boredom.”
– George Sanders

“The world is eaten up by boredom…. You can’t see it all at once. It is like dust. You go about and never notice, you breathe it in, you eat and drink it. It is sifted so fine, it doesn’t even grit on your teeth. But stand still for an instant and there it is, coating your face and hands. To shake off this drizzle of ashes you must be for ever on the go. And so people are always “on the go.”
– Georges Bernano

“Everyone is a bore to someone. That is unimportant. The thing to avoid is being a bore to oneself.” 
– Gerald Brenan

“For all the boredom the straight life brings, it’s not too bad.”
– Gus Van Sant

“Boredom, that silent spider, was spinning its web in the darkness in every corner of her heart.”
– Gustave Flaubert

“The essence of life is the smile of round female bottoms, under the shadow of cosmic boredom.”
– Guy De Maupassant

“Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always.”
– Guy Debord

“The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal.”
– H. L. Mencken

“I can excuse everything but boredom. Boring people don’t have to stay that way.”
– Hedy Lamarr

“I know when I’m working I seldom get into trouble. My educated guess is that boredom has caused most of the problems with Hollywood celebrities.”
– Hedy Lamarr

“I fell asleep reading a dull book and dreamed I kept on reading, so I awoke from sheer boredom.”
– Heinrich Heine

“To do the same thing over and over again is not only boredom: it is to be controlled by rather than to control what you do.”
– Heraclitus

“I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I don’t have to spend my whole life fearing hell, or fearing heaven even more. For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.”
– Isaac Asimov

“Before, for me, peace could have been synonymous with boredom.”
– Isabelle Adjani

“It’s the boredom that kills you. You read until you’re tired of that. You do crossword puzzles until you’re tired of that. This is torture. This is mental torture.”
– Jack Kevorkian

“Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.”
– Jacques Prévert

Running through things because you are familiar with them, breeds routine and this is the seed of boredom.”
– James Galway

Writer‘s block is the greatest side effect of boredom.”
– Jason Zebehazy

“Perhaps the world’s second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore.”
– Jean Baudrillard

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