Baby Shower Cake Sayings And Verses


Baby Shower Cake Sayings And Verses

“Ten toes up, ten toes down, that’s what you get for fooling around!”

“Thanks for inviting me to your baby shower, it reminded me to take my birth control pill.”

“That’s right she’s full grown settin’ the wrong tone. I’m diggin’ the energy and I’m lovin’ her ozone.”

“The best cake that you can get contains not one calorie. However, it’s filled with goodies for your brand spanking new baby.”

“The big day is drawing near… the little one is almost here.”

“The first steps a baby takes is to your heart

“The gift of God has been delivered, the baby shall shine your lives with love and joy. May God shower your little heart with all his love and warmth.”

“The time is near, baby ____ is almost here!”

“The way she move her body she might see the Maserati. She wanna put it on me tryna show me her tsunami.”

“There ain’t nothing you can say to a playa. ‘Cause doowop, she fly like the planes in the air.”

“This cake will never make you fat, And it won’t make you thin. It just provides some extra padding to place your little one in.”

“Tiny Hands and Little Feet, Hello Baby, Goodbye Sleep

“To be a child is to know the gift of living, To have a child is to know the gift of life.”

“To the mother-to-be, and her sweet little pea.”

“Train man, follow that caboose. Ain’t nathin’ in the world like some thick and some juicy.”

“Two are Coming from Above, All the More for Us to Love!”

“Two tiny hands and two tiny feet, This little angel is so very sweet!”

“We know you’ll be a great mommy, _ (name of the mother)”

“We know you’ll be great as ma and pa!”

“Welcome Little One”

“Welcome New Arrival!”

“Welcome Sweet Baby”

“Welcome to Motherhood!”

“Welcome to the world!”

“We’ll start to talk when she borrows my pen”

“Who uses a machete to cut through red tape”

“Who’s fast and thorough sharp as a tack”

“Winnie the Pooh and Piglet too, You’re having a baby! Congrats to you!”

“With fingernails that shine like justice”

“You know its leather when we ride wood grain and raw hide. Doing what we do, watching screens getting high.”

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