Baby Shower Cake Sayings And Verses


Baby Shower Cake Sayings And Verses

Having a cake at a baby shower but not quite sure what to write on it? These baby shower cake sayings and quotes should give you some great ideas.

“A baby girl or a baby boy, A baby is a bundle of joy!”

“A Baby Is Blooming (perfect for a garden shower theme)”

“A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose!”

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights shorter, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”

“A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy!”

“A sorry free loading guy that gets jealous when he sees his baby mama with other guys, only comes around when he is horny and so he wont get put on child support.”

“A Star is Born!”

“A Star is to be Born!”

“A voice that is dark like tinted glass”

“A wonderful gift, Filled with joy, Congratulations, Mom – It’s a boy!”

“An Angel Sent From Heaven Above, Let’s Shower Her/Him With All Our Love ”

“And every time we kick it it’s off to the groovy. Treat you like my sticky ickey or my sweet ooey gooey.”

“And oh, you ain’t know she get lower than a muffler. Even with her girlfriends show stopping with a hustler.”

“At Citibank we will meet accidentally”

“Awaiting ___(mom’s name)_____’s Star (cow jumped over the moon or moon and stars theme)”

“Awaiting ___(mom’s name)____’s New Kid on the Block (baby blocks on cake in pink and blue with a ?)”

“Babies Are So Sweet”

“Baby ______ makes four, with all this love, who needs more? ”

“Baby Cakes!”

“Baby daddies are unreliable, missing, or don’t stick around”

“Baby daddies will cheat with baby mommas and not consider it as cheating.”

“Baby powder, Baby oil, Soon you’ll have someone to spoil!”

“Baby Shower Poem Ideas For Cakes”

“Bottles, booties, diapers, pins this is where the fun begins!”

“Boy or Girl, We Will Just Twirl”

“Bundle of joy, bundle of love, A special gift from Heaven above.”

“Buttons, Bows, Tiny Toes”

“Cause it is what it is, everybody wanna love her but when she pop it, boy, you better run for cover.”

“Come let’s celebrate a gift of love from Heaven above!”

Cute as A Button”

Dating a baby daddy is like dating a retarded person.”

“Diaper and pins, a new life begins.”

“Diapers & Pins, Now the Fun Begins”

“Double the diapers, Double the pins, Double the booties – We’re having twins!”

“Double Trouble”

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